Pest control services are one of the most important businesses that you can have access to as a homeowner. At one point your home is likely going to be invaded by some kind of pest, at which point you will have to either contact a pest control service or deal with it yourself with store-bought products. Two reasons to choose a pest control professional are effectiveness and price.


The main reason to choose a pest control professional, like Rainbow Pest Control, instead of attempting to deal with the infestation yourself is that the professional will do a better and more effective job. This is because the pest control professional is not only going to track down and eliminate all traces of the infestation, including the nests or hives, but he or she will also keep the pests from coming back.

The professional will accomplish this by finding out how the pests got into the home in the first place and blocking that route off. This could involve physically sealing off an entry point in your walls or floors, or it could consist of spraying a long-lasting chemical that repels the particular pest that got into your home. In that situation, you will need the pest control service to come back and reapply the chemical periodically.


In many cases, it can actually be more economical to hire a pest control service instead of using store-bought products. One reason for this is that if you do not correctly identify the type of pest in your home, then you could easily end up making multiple trips to the store and buying multiple types of pest control products without seeing any results. An example of this would be the black widow spider, which is immune to most spider sprays and chemicals, unless you buy one that is specifically formulated to kill that species of spider.

Another reason that it can be cheaper to hire a pest control professional is that many pest control products are great at destroying the surface level infestation. Unfortunately, those products typically do nothing about the nests or hives, which means that the infestation will come back in a few weeks or months. In addition, when the infestation comes back, it can come be much worse.

Speak to a pest control professional today in order to discuss your pest control options. A pest control service is extremely effective and can be more economical than store-bought pest control products in some situations.