If you or one of your employees recently found a wolf spider at the office, you likely found yourself wondering if you should be concerned. While wolf spiders are not very venomous, they do pose a set of unique challenges and problems for you and your workforce.

1. Female Wolf Spiders Carry and Transport Dozens of Spiderlings at a Time

One of the most troublesome and startling facts about wolf spiders is that the furry arachnids carry their spiderlings with them as they travel (photo warning).

What this means is that the wolf spider you found at your office could have been infesting your building with dozens of spiderlings. Because the spiderlings are tiny, they often go undetected until it's too late.

2. Wolf Spiders "Howl" to Call All the Other Wolf Spiders in the Area

Another troublesome fact about adult wolf spiders is that they call each other using vibrating sounds. For you and your employees, that means that a seemingly lone wolf spider could be calling the whole pack to gather in the break room, offices, bathrooms, and anywhere else they can find food, water, and shelter.

3. Wolf Spiders Are Always Hunting

Unlike many other arachnids, wolf spiders do not spin webs to catch their prey. Instead, the formidable spiders roam their territories vigorously in search of food. Wolf spiders are incredibly fast and agile, and they can be surprisingly difficult to catch.

For this reason, employees should not try to kill wolf spiders by hand with a tissue or other small object. The quick spiders could outmaneuver your well-intentioned employees, who are at risk of getting bitten by the speedy arachnids. 

4. Wolf Spiders Thrive in Dark, Cluttered Places

If there's a stealthy wolf spider on the prowl in your office, you need to search dark, cluttered places for the arachnid. Desk drawers, filing cabinets, shelves, boxes, and supply rooms are good places to start.

Reduce the clutter in your office to let wolf spiders know their business isn't welcome in your building.

5. Wolf Spiders Bite People When Threatened

Though they're not particularly aggressive toward people, wolf spiders will bite when threatened. Typically, bite victims will feel a sharp pain followed by itchiness. In some cases, swelling occurs, which may require medical attention.

Because wolf spiders spread rapidly, it's important to take action immediately after finding a wolf spider in your office building. Protect your employees by having your building sprayed regularly by an exterminator. Contact a company like Eagle Pest Eliminators to learn more.