Many people dislike having mice or rats roaming around their property. These small animals can wreak havoc on electrical wiring, and they can also carry diseases that can be harmful to humans.

If you are hoping to rid your property of rodents but you don't want to rely on toxic chemicals to do so, here are three natural methods you can try to help you control rodent populations in the future.

1. Attract more owls to your area.

One simple way to keep rodent populations under control without the use of toxic chemicals is to rely on Mother Nature to prevent overpopulation. Attracting more natural predators (like barn owls) to your area can be a great way to eliminate rodents from your property.

Constructing some simple wooden boxes and then placing them about 10 feet off the ground will create some nesting boxes that can be used by barn owls. Making it easier for barn owls to take up residence on your property allows them to hunt rodents regularly, keeping your mouse and rat population in check without chemicals.

2. Crush some peppermint-flavored breath mints.

Mice and rats have a keen sense of smell, so strong odors can act as a deterrent. If you have ever had the opportunity to smell someone's breath after they placed a peppermint-flavored breath mint into their mouth, you know how strongly these mints can smell.

Placing several breath mints into a plastic bag, breaking them up with a hammer, and then dissolving the powder into a squirt bottle filled with water will produce a product that you can spray in any areas rodents have been spotted in order to keep these pests away from your property without the spread of toxic chemicals.

3. Keep your yard clean.

Another simple way to keep rodents away from your property is taking the time to clean up your yard. Piles of old wood or leaves can provide the perfect habitat for mice and rats looking to take up residence on your property.

Eliminating these popular nesting spots will force rodents to come out into the open when trying to access your property, which places them at risk of being injured or killed. Cleaning up your yard can be a simple and chemical-free way to encourage rodents to move off your property.

Finding ways to control the rodent population on your property without toxic chemicals doesn't have to be impossible. Start by building nests to attract barn owls, using a peppermint spray, and cleaning up your yard to eliminate easy nesting areas can be simple chemical-free methods for keeping rodents away from your property in the future. Call rat control services for more help.