You may playfully warn your children about bed bugs when they head off to bed at night, but if you are like most parents, you never really expect that bed bugs could actually be in their bed to bite. Sadly, more and more parents are finding bed bug problems in their homes unexpectedly because of the growth of the bed bug problem over the last several years. As a parent, it is best that you know a little about preventing your children from bringing home bed bugs. Check out these major assumptions about these biting critters and the real truth you need to know so your children will be less likely to bring them into your home. 

Assumption: As long as your child never stays in a hotel, you will probably never see an issue with bed bugs. 

Truth: It is easy to assume that bed bugs can really only be found in hotels because this is where you hear news about them the most. However, these blood-sucking pests can and will hang out pretty much anywhere they have access to a food source, whether it is at school, at a medical facility, or in the average home. Plus, it is not at all uncommon for a child to spend the night with someone who has bed bugs and pack them back home. 

Assumption: Bed bugs don't really travel via human hosts. 

Truth: Most parents assume that bed bugs are usually only carried into the home in suitcases when your child comes back home after an overnight stay. However, bed bugs can just as easily be traveling on your child if they have been somewhere there is an infestation. These bugs will hide out in the seams of clothing your child has on, in shoes and socks, and even in other clothing articles. 

Assumption: If your child is being bitten by bed bugs, they will know to tell you. 

Truth: The fact is, even grown people do not always feel bed bug bites when they happen, and even if the do, they may not realize what it is that is biting them. This is especially true with children who probably don't know enough about bed bugs to know the signs or even what they look like. It is a good idea to educate your child about bed bugs, what they look like, and what the bites can look and feel like. 

If you do find bed bugs in your home, contact a pest control service like Rice's Termite & Pest Control for assistance.