If you have experienced the dreaded roach problem, you may already know how difficult this filthy little household pest can be to get rid of. While there are dozens of do-it-yourself products on the market, the best advice is to consult with a pest control professional to guarantee a complete eradication of these disease-carrying menaces. Once you get your house cleared of these uninvited guests, here are two suggestions to keep them out.

1. Seal Up Your Food

Most people understand that you need to keep your food preparation areas clean. If you have had any visible signs of roaches, be extra vigilant in cleaning up right after you cook or prepare food.

Plus, the slightest opening in a container, bag of chips, or box of cereal can be like a magnet for roaches. If you notice even the slightest roach problem, be sure to take extra measures to seal up your food containers. Put cereals and other boxed items in airtight plastic containers.  Especially seal up crackers and other snack foods that have a greasy content. Roaches love grease.

2. A Thirsty Roach Will Soon Be a Dead Roach

Sealing up food containers and keeping your food prep areas clean is important. But, roaches are cold-blooded creatures that have the ability to slow their metabolism to the point of near starvation. A roach reportedly can go nearly a month without a food source.

So, how can they stay alive without anything to eat?

While they are unable to utilize things like cardboard, or pressboard material from kitchen cabinets as a food source when these commonly used products are dry, roaches can feed of these items if they are the least bit damp. The smallest drip under a kitchen sink can provide a family of roaches enough hydration to build a massive infestation.

Oddly enough, roaches are also next to impossible to drown, so they can even live in your drainpipes if you have minor clogs. Fix even small leaks, keep your drains flowing freely, and eliminate any sources of standing water. A roach without a water source will eventually become a dead roach.

So, once you've made the call and employed a professional bug man to rid your home of your roach problem, be sure to follow these two simple steps as outlined to keep them away permanently. Don't allow the attraction of unsealed, or loosely closed food containers to draw them into your home, and eliminate any source of water. To find out more, speak with a business like Fowler Pest Control.