There are many pests that may target your home, and mice are among the most commonly encountered pests. When your home develops a serious mouse problem, you should be as informed as possible about this threat so that you can limit the damages and inconveniences that they may cause.

What Problems Can Mice Cause?

If left unchecked, mice can contribute to damaging your home through a variety of ways. One of the most frequent forms of damage that they can cause is to insulation, as they will use it to build nests. This can cause noticeable decreases in the interior comfort of your house as well as increase your monthly heating and cooling budget. Mice can cause another problem through chewing on electrical wiring. If these vermin chew on wires, they can severe the supply of electricity to entire rooms. Also, this can create a fire hazard as they may strip away the protective insulation around the wiring.

Why Should You Avoid Using Mouse Poison?

When a home develops mice, it can be a natural impulse for homeowners to deploy poison around their house. While poison can be extremely effective at neutralizing mice, it can lead to serious complications. Mice will often die in the walls, under floors or behind ceiling tiles after being poisoned. If this were to occur, your home could develop an extremely overpowering odor until the mouse is removed or it completely decays. Preventing this problem will require the use of either live traps or traditional traps so that the mouse could easily be removed from the home once it is exterminated.

What Should You Do To Help Prevent Mice From Returning?

After you have the mouse problem addressed, you will need to take steps to prevent mice from returning. The first step in this process is to inspect both the interior and exterior of the home for small holes that the mice may be using to enter and exit your house. In addition to sealing these gaps, you will also need to regularly have the exterior treated with mouse repellent. You can further discourage mice from targeting your home by spreading wolf or other predator urine around your property. These substances are sold by most hunting supply stores, and they can be highly effective at frightening mice away from your property. However, you will need to apply these substances around your property every few months as rain will gradually dilute and wash away these products.

For more information about mice extermination, contact a pest control specialist in your area.