They don't have giant fangs, stingers, or wings, but bed bugs are still one of the most feared pests frequently encountered today. When they're not feeding on human blood or infesting and ruining furniture and property, bed bugs spend their free time doing something many people enjoy--traveling. Bed bugs are indiscriminate travelers, going just about anywhere people live and work. Therefore, finding bed bugs at the office is not as surprising as it may seem. If you recently found bed bugs at the office, here are some important things that you need to know.

Bed Bugs Travel Effortlessly from Offices to Homes and Vice Versa

There's sure to be fear spreading throughout your office after workers learn of the recent bed bug encounter. Such fear is warranted because bed bugs can rapidly infest the homes of workers and clients at your office.

Therefore, it's important to send out a memo letting everyone in your office building know that bed bugs have been found on the premises. Additionally, you need to find out who, if anyone, has found bed bugs at their home. 

Bed Bugs Survive a Long Time Without Feeding

Another important thing to know about bed bugs is that the well-adapted parasites can survive over a year without feeding. If bed bugs were found at your office--even if they haven't been seen for days, weeks, or even a month or longer--the parasites could still be lurking in office furniture and carpet, waiting patiently for a meal to present itself. 

Bed bugs will even use electrical outlets to hide in and travel from one room to another without being detected. This puts your entire office building at risk of being infested if the problem isn't treated quickly enough. Therefore, it's important to have your office treated as soon as possible. Any workers at the office who have found bed bugs at home also need to have their properties treated. Otherwise, a vicious cycle of repeat infestations can occur, causing a nightmare scenario that never seems to go away.

Bed Bugs Are Immune to Most Pesticides

The majority of pesticides do little to get rid of bed bugs. This is due to the fact that bed bugs have evolved significantly and adapted resistances to poisons. Additionally, because bed bugs are excellent at hiding and going dormant for long periods of time, it's important to have an expert treat your office to get rid of the parasites for good.

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