The brown recluse spider is one of the most dangerous spiders in the world, and their bite can be deadly. The spider is brown and can grow up to .79 inches. They like to live in dark areas that are generally undisturbed, such as woodpiles, closets, garages, sheds, and cellars. If you think you have seen brown recluse spiders in your garage, it is important that you get rid of them before someone is bit. Below are two ways you can do this so you can have a safe garage again.

Clean and Spray Your Garage

Start out by giving your garage a thorough cleaning and have a vacuum with a hose ready. If you see a brown recluse, use the vacuum to suck it up. Make sure you wear gloves on your hands, as well as long pants and long sleeves to protect your skin. If you vacuum up spiders, remove the vacuum bag immediately and place it in a sealed plastic bag before you discard.

Purchase a contact aerosol that is meant to kill spiders to spray the area thoroughly. This product will stay active for a long period just in case there are other spiders. You can purchase this aerosol at pet stores or online.

Dust the Spiders

Purchase diatomaceous earth (DE) powder to spread in the area you suspect the spiders are. This product can be found at many home improvement stores, farm supply stores, or garden centers. If you purchase this, make sure you purchase food grade DE, as this type is not harmful to you in any way.

DE looks like a fine powder but it is jagged and when insects, such as spiders, walk over the power, DE jabs them and cuts into their exoskeleton. Once inside their body, DE causes them to dehydrate and die.

You should also spread the powder outside around the perimeter of your garage, as well as around the perimeter of your home. Make sure there is dust in all cracks, crevices, and any type of opening. If you do have any cracks or crevices, such as around door thresholds, window sills, wires, cables, and pipes, fill them with the dust and then seal the openings, such as with weather stripping or caulking.

The best thing to do if you see brown recluse spiders is to call your local pest control company. They can come to your home and spray insecticide that will kill the spiders. They will likely suggest to have the inside of your home sprayed also, just in case you have spiders there. For more information, contact companies like BUG Busters-Do IT Yourself Pest Control.