Sometimes you have no choice, and mouse extermination is your only solution for getting rid of mice in your home. However, with prevention and vigilance, along with some ingenuity, you can keep most mice out of your home and avoid the need to kill them.

Keeping mice out of your home

You can physically prevent mice from entering your home by blocking the possible entry points. Mice can manipulate their bodies to fit into small crevices, so it is essential that you inspect the exterior of your home for possible places of entry.

You must check the openings through which pipes or vents breach the exterior walls of your home. Filling them with expanding foam insulation will keep cold air from your home, but not mice.

You need to staple 1/2'" or 1/4" wire cloth (metal screen) around any openings in the exterior walls. You must also use wire cloth on attic and other exhaust fans, which are prime entry points for household pests.

Non-lethal methods of getting rid of mice


If mice have already entered your home, you can try a few of these non-lethal methods before resorting to extermination.

Trap and release cages

Mice enter these cage shaped traps, which are baited with food on one end, and when they reach the food, a spring loaded mechanism shuts the door behind them. You can then release them somewhere far from your home.

Walking the plank

To use this method, you 'll need a thin stick, such as a paint stirring stick, or something similar, and a full size (empty) plastic trash can. The stick is placed on the edge of a counter, with one end projecting over the trash can.

A piece of bait food is placed on the end of the stick, and when the mouse goes out to retrieve it, the mouse falls into the trash can. It's crude, but inexpensive and effective.

You can also spray non-stick cooking oil onto the interior surface of a waste paper basket, place the basket on the floor against a counter, and place bait food inside the basket. The mouse will jump down into the basket, but can't ascend the walls.

Mouse extermination

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. It's not pleasant, but some street wise mice won't fall for any tricks, and make your home a mess. Poisons are not recommended, because a poisoned mouse can crawl inside your walls and decompose over time. The smell cannot be removed easily.

Traps are best. They are quick and painless. Snap-type spring loaded traps should be placed along walls and counters. Load the trap by pulling the spring loaded bar back fully, then hold it in place with pliers while you bait the trap.

For assistance, talk to a mouse exterminator.