It's one thing to have to contend with mosquitoes in your yard, but yet another issue to continuously encounter them indoors. If you're fed up with having to constantly kill these pests inside your home or face getting bitten, it may be time to look at your house itself. While bad habits such as leaving doors open for prolonged periods of time can allow mosquitoes to enter, actually issues with your residence can allow the insects to get inside even when your doors and windows aren't open. Here are some home improvements that you can make to keep these pests away.

Replace Door Trims

Over time, the trim below and beside your door will get worn out. You might not notice this issue, but there can eventually be a small gap between the doorframe and the door itself, providing plenty of room for mosquitoes to get inside. Replacing the trim in these areas is integral to keeping pests out and will also be valuable for preventing the exchange of exterior and interior air, which can unnecessarily inflate your heating and cooling costs. You can buy the right type of trim at your local home improvement stores, and installing it is fairly simple.

Fix Faulty Window Screens

Issues with your home's window screens can quickly allow mosquitoes to enter your home, which can especially be a hassle if the faulty screen in question is in your bedroom. No one wants his or her sleep disrupted by mosquitoes, but some quick work on your screens can lower this risk. If you have holes in your screens, remove the screen's frame and buy a screen replacement kit. By following the instructions, you can remove the old screen, cut a new screen to size, and install it with relative ease. Doing so forms a solid barrier against mosquitoes.

Make Changes To Your Yard

While your yard isn't technically your house, the nature of your yard can encourage the presence of mosquitoes — which can allow more into your home. A simple step to employ is to cut your lawn regularly. Mosquitoes will often sit in the tall grass but may move on when the lawn is shorter. You should also consider trimming back any overgrown shrubs or other heavy brush, especially if it's close to your home, as mosquitoes favor this cool, dark environment. The more you can discourage mosquitoes from taking up residence in your yard, the less likely they'll be to enter your home and bother you.

For more information, contact your local pest control service.