Have you noticed sections of your lawn that are damaged and loose? You may even be able to pull up on the grass and lift a large chunk of it right off the ground. This is a likely due to small grub worms that have infested your lawn. Here is what you need to know about identifying grubs and getting rid of them.

Why Are Grubs A Problem?

Grubs are small worms that feeds on grass roots, which make it difficult for your grass to absorb nutrients and water. It's why grass can easily die during the summer when you have a grub infestation. The grass will be brown, or able to be easily lifted off the ground as if it were recently rolled sod.

How To Identify Grubs?

Before you decide to treat grubs, it's important to know that you actually have them in your lawn. This is because the problem could be related to turf disease or another type of pest, which need to be treated differently to save money and time.

The grub work has a small body that is no longer than 2 inches and white in color. The bodies frequently curl over. The key difference between grubs and larva, which have very similar appearances, is that grubs have three legs on each side of their body near their head. Larva do not.

How To Treat Grubs?

A lawn treatment is the best way to get rid of those annoying grubs. You'll want to treat your yard in the late summer, since that's when grubs are most active and closer to the ground. During other times of the year, grubs are buried underground and difficult to treat.

You'll need to apply a grub killing insecticide to your grass that goes all the way down to the root system where the grubs feed. The insecticide is placed into a sprayer that attaches to a hose, and mixes with water as it is applied. The water helps the insecticide soak into the ground and reach the roots. Another lawn treatment is to apply a granule insecticide with a spreader so that the lawn is covered evenly with the insecticide. You'll then water the lawn to make sure that the insecticide soaks into the soil and reaches where the grubs feed.

If you do not feel up to applying the insecticide on your own, you can always call a local pest company that specializes in applying these grub killing lawn treatment services.